Ups Creations

Ups Creations is a family-run business that specialises in creating unique, hand-crafted, one of a kind, live edge wood and Epoxy Resin items as well as a range of knitted items and hand handcrafted pieces for your home. Ranging from Coasters to Chopping boards, Clocks to Tables, Hats to Scarfs and even dog beds, we have that unique item that will set your room apart from the rest.

Having spent many years within the equestrian world, being involved in everything from show jumping to eventing through to breeding and training we have always been a highly creative and dynamic family.

We have always had a love of designing and creating beautiful pieces and we started designing and making our unique product ranges because of the global pandemic. With our focus up to the pandemic being in the equestrian world, we suddenly found the time to explore our other hobbies and we have grown from there.

The Ups Creations team comprises 5 team members who are responsible for everything from product design, material selection and negotiation through to manufacturing, finishing and sales.